Monday, March 29, 2010

Vicky Kass.. (nee Staat) 1st marriage McDougall

Here is a college of Mom.. from 6 months to about 34 years..

While it doesn't show in this B & W Photo she had beautiful blue eyes..

A secret shared most recently before she passed..  She entered the service to run away from an engagement with a boy from her neighborhood.  Everyone was sure she was making the right decision to marry.. except her !  So she ran away and joined the service.

She did marry a beau ( Laurel McDougall ) she met in the service.. and lived for a while in Seattle, Washington. Concieved a baby girl.. before that marriage ended when she was 23 years old. 

She was 34 years old when she met and married Conrad Kass.. and a new branch of family began.

April.. 1957

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