Special Days

Special Days to Remember...  
Here is a Yearly list of Events in our family some from the past as memories.. others are current and need to be celebrated.  In our family, hugs are more important than blood.
"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.

Memories are marked with a highlight...  Celebrations are not highlighted.

January 5th   1988 - Nicholas Kass (Tiff's oldest)
January 6th   1968   Birthday:  Heather Kass Anderson
January 6th   2007   Vicky (Staat) (McDougall) Kass- Passed Born in St Louis 
January 21st  1983   Birthday:  Michelle Kass Prewitt
January 29th  1943  Birthday: Beverly Olivia Leffler (nee Kass)


February 3rd    1994    Elsie Katherine Kraus Staat  Passed
February 15th  1927    Melvin Eugene Staat - Passed 
February 25th  1905    Elsie Katherine Staat ... Born in Antonia MO.

March 5th      1945      Birthday: Bruce Robert Kass
March 7th      1973      Birthday: Sonja Bea Nowak
March 14th     1991     Birthday : Ethan Anderson

April 10th      1965     Eugene George Staat - passed
April 12th      2008     Conrad Kass - passed
April 12th      1958     Birthday: Terry Kass
April 13th      2010     Bruce Robert Kass -- passed.
April 12th      1958     Birthday: Terry Kass
April 19th      1970     Birthday: Jeff Scott Nowak
                    2006     Birthday: Megan Renee Nowak
                    2006     Birthday: Matthew Ryan Nowak
April 23         1923     Birthday: Vicky Kass (nee Staat) 1st marriage (McDougall)
April 27         1968     Birthday:  John Anderson

May 9th         1968     Birthday   Amber Nowak Holman
May 9th         2000     Birthday   Gabriela Rodriguez (Tiffiany Kass Rodriguez daughter)
May 16th       1966     Birthday   Christine Lefler
May 21st       1965      Birthday   Tiffiany Kass Rodreguez
May 22nd      1995     Birthday    Shaye Nowak
May 25th       1946     Birthday    Patty Boothe  nee (McDougall)  1st Marriage  (Nowak)
May 28th       2000     Judi Kass - Passed

June 2nd      1993   Birthday:  Evan Anderson
June 29th     1969   Birthday:  Cynthia Lefler

July 5th          1980  Birthday-    Kristen Kass
Jul 21st          1953  Birthday-    Keith Kass

August 8th       2007 Birthday Tyler Eric Kass

September 7th       1978    Birthday  Mary Kass (Nee Wienhoff)
September 10th                Birthday  Rosemary Staat
September 15th     1969    Birthday  Monique Harriman  (nee Kass)
September 15th     1985    Grandma Theresa Kass -- passed
September 20th     2007    Brianna Harrell Grandaughter of Monique Harriman (nee Kass)
September 23rd     1901    Birthday  Eugene George Staat

October 8th           1896   Born  Theresa Elizabeth Migneron Kass
October 25th         1917   Born  Conrad Kass
November 3rd       1886  Conrad William Kass -- Born
November 11th     1975   Birthday- Jason Kass
November 24th     1978   Birthday - Catherine Lefler
November 28th     1996   Delia Harrell daughter of Monique Herriman  (nee Kass)

December 9th        1950  Birthday George Robert Boothe (Bob)
December 11th      1997  Birthday Alex Kass son Tiffiany Rodreguez (nee Kass)
December 17th      1986  Birthday Zabrian Harrell son of Monique Herriman (nee Kass)


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