Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Matthew Ryan Nowak

Matthew.. is the other twin. Son of Jeffrey Nowak and Sonja Mathias, grandson of Patty and Bob Boothe. There's a story here.. but I will leave that for another time.. this entry is about Matthew.

Matthew is a few minutes younger than his twin Megan.. and while her personality often outshines Mattie.. you need only to look at those bright blue eyes and infectious smile to see he is a quiet charmer..

Mattie doesn't rush into situations.. He observes, analyzes the situation, then makes a decision to participate or not.

But when he decides to be apart of any activity.. he can shine.

How fun it is to have a set of twins in the family. Observing their unique personalities since they were born has been a real experience. They surely are a precious gift.

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