Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Conrad William Kass

This is Dad's ( Conrad Jr. ) father..  We don't know too much but there are a few details.

I love the following Photo Postcard.  The back is as interesting as the front if you are looking for some history.

The back of the post card.. tells the photographer and where they were located.
A knowledgeable person.. gave us the dates.  So the above photo would have been taken in 1888 in the Charles F Meier Portraits studio at 1406 South Broadway in St Louis.
Currently that address is about 2 blocks North from Soulard Market. There is a trucking company there now.

On the map guide of St Louis in the mid 1800's.. This part of Broadway was originally named Carondelet and it ran all the way from downtown to the Jefferson Barracks. This same street running north from the city was called Broad.  In 1886 the city changed the whole road both north and south to Broadway.
Here are some historic maps of St Louis in the 1800's 

Kind of fun to look at to see what St Louis looked like when our ancestors lived here..

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